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If you work in an HB Reavis workspace, we’ve got great news. All day every day, you get More.
More unites all our services, building operations, the employee experience and wellbeing to improve your workday.
And we have just one app for all of that. Neat, right?

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More HBreavis
More HBreavisMore HBreavis

Get a parking space ahead of time

No more worrying about where to park. In our buildings you enjoy stress-free parking by booking a parking space in advance in the More by HB Reavis app.

Fact: All parking spaces are used effectively thanks to a first come, first served system and a fair algorithm in the parking portal.


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A seamless journey for a new era

Every morning the same issue: where is my access card? In most of our buildings, you already have the card in your pocket. Right in your phone. Unexpected?


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Hop on the cycling trend

Lunchtime! Bicycle or scoot on over to that new bistro two blocks away. Having a meeting in a nearby restaurant?

Riding your own bike? No problem. We have a lot of parking spaces for bikes and modern bike facilities like self-repair stations, dryer rooms, a towel service and a seasonal bike service on site.

Fact: By riding a bike you save 0,25kg per km of CO2 in comparison with a car.


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A seamless journey for a new era

Wait till you realise you don’t need to pick up your visitors in the lobby. Our modern visitor management system sends QR codes to your guests for smooth access to your office. In addition, you get a notification when your guests arrive.

Fact: Keep track of every visitor in one system and reduce the check-in time at reception by 37%.


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At your service

At the end of the day, who wants chores? Give More your to-do list. Whether it’s going to the post office, picking up your packages, dropping of dry cleaning, car valeting or flower ordering, we can take care of everything.

Is it raining again? Book an umbrella with the More by HB Reavis app and return it the next day. We really have everything covered so you can spend your time More productively.

Fact: Using the concierge service can save you up to 60 minutes a day.


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Have fun with us

The More by HB Reavis app tells you about interesting local events in your building or zone. Enjoy a morning yoga class to kickstart your day, attend one of the creative workshops during lunch or finish your day with an inspirational talk and a good drink in your hand.

You don’t like going to doctors? We will bring the medical appointments to your building. Have your eyes, moles or blood checked during the workday.
Easy, right?

Fact: Active participation on our wellbeing events prevents absenteeism.


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This is only a sneak peek of everything we offer. The goal is simple: we focus on your wellbeing & productivity so you can focus on your work.

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